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This site is both a showcase for my  photographic collection and is also a site for
selling images. 


The images in the galleries section are culled from my own collection (which is larger than this website could allow).  New acquisitions can be found here too.  (The "new acquisitions" gallery is the one area of the site that I will attempt to update regularly.)  These images are generally not for sale (but if you feel moved to ask, feel free to enquire or make an offer).


The exhibitions menu leads to curated theme-specific galleries.


For those who don't like the music: all music can be turned off using the little play/pause icons on the lower right hand side of the image galleries.  

"Foundphotographs" is somewhat misleading as a name.  Though many of the images you'll find here are snapshots or anonymous, vernacular photographs bought at yard sales, junk and antique shops, from dealers, or on eBay, so too there are images by photographers both identified (and obscure) and
known and celebrated.  There is work that reflects the origins of the medium (salt prints and daguerreotypes) as well as contemporary work.  In short, the images on the site reflect an eye and a taste both idiosyncratic and deeply own.  But "found photography" is still a term I prefer to the more established "vernacular photography" which smacks  (to my mind, at least) of pretension.

Indeed, in many ways, though few of these images were actually physically found, the beauty in many of them may not immediately be evident to all and has (or had) to be discovered and found by the viewer or collector.  Equally, the magic and beauty of many of the images are largely inadvertent and in most cases not the intention of the original creator.  In fact, it is precisely the artlessness of many of the works that, viewed through a contemporary aesthetic sensibility, elevate or bestow a retrospective artistry on the image.

So, "" it is.

More images, details, and more exhibitions will will new scans, annotations on many of the images stating their titles, medium, and other pertinent info.  For sale items will be posted in the store.

Once again, thanks for visiting.



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