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about the exhibitions

The exhibitions page features a series of small thematic exhibitions.  These are (in basic alphabetical order):


un ballo in maschere: images of people wearing masks.


bang bang: photos where guns (and knives) play a part.

black & white in color: images that are haind painted or hand of my favorite categories.  I am especially drawn to images where the distinction between photograph and visual art object is almost lost.


caption this: images where someone has written (or pasted) a caption on the picture which gives added meaning or resonance to the image.


cats & dogs: this is self-explanatory!  The history of images of pets has a noble lineage (or pedigree, if you will!).

...more cats and dogs: folks can't get enough of this, and neither can I, so an expanded exhibit on the same theme.


the damaged: images of folks that are (generally stoically) suffering from some physical damage.


divers, acrobats & acrobatics: whether on the beach or in a yard, the penchant of people to show off and perform acrobatically for the camera (both professionals and amateurs) is well documented.  Little conveys the joy unleashed by snapshot photography (for the photographed) than these celebratory pictures.


early kodaks: the earliest snapshot photographs date from the late 1880's, and were taken with a Kodak #1 or Kodak #2 camera.  Their distinctive circular shapes are delightful.  For more on these images, see this link.


focus group: images where the subject--through the photographer's incompetence--is out of focus and the background is, inadvertently not.

gay int. (Images with Gay/Lesbian Interest): "gay int" (ie of gay/lesbian interest) is an ebay term often delineating images that feature any same-sex couple (or group) in poses of affection, or any shirtless man.  It's a useful, if heavily abused, tag.  A landmark exhibition of men in affectionate poses was held at the icp some years back.  The catalogue is well worth having.  Another similar book, but broader in scope, is this one (and there are many, many more).


industrial magic: images of industry, machines and machinists, and industrial objects.  I've always loved the proto-modernist aesthetic of these early images.


the kiss: but also including images of physical affection if not expressly lip-locking.

minority report: images pertaining to the African-American (largely) experience (or the at experience as viewed through the white gaze).


objet d'art: images of objects, whether professional or amateur.

painted press images: a wonderful genre of manipulated, commercial images.  A selection from Stanley Burns's collection is published here.


performance anxiety: images of performers: actors, clowns, etc.


photobooths, photomatics & arcades: photobooths are familiar to anyone who has been in a mass transit station or seen the movie, Amelie.  The photobooth has a long illustrious heritage, however, and a number of great books on them exist.  Consider Nakki Goranin's, Raynal Pellicer's or Babette Hines's.  Photomatics are essentially the same as photobooths (though slightly larger in size).  Also an automated process, photomatics are distinguised by a small (usually metal, but not exclusively so) frame around the image.  For the purpose of this exhibition, I have called larger studio portraits (also a feature of amusement fairs), arcade photos.  These include popular photographs taken against painted backdrops (larger than either photobooths and photomatics), but also include images where the individual(s) put their head/s on top or through a painted foreground, such that it looks like they are driving a car, riding a bronco, sitting up in bed, acting like a strongman, or being rendered in some funny stripped bathing suit.


safety in numbers (series): groups of images, typologies, and narrative series.


sleeping beauties: folks asleep, or just in bed.


that thing called love (sex, etc.): many x-rated and explicit images here, so a gallery to be stayed away from if you're under age or find this kinda stuff offensive (or if your government does...) See my disclaimer.


two's company: paired images.  These are not really intended to be diptychs...but some images either come with a companion image, or cry out for one.


special exhibit: from time to time, I will be posting special series here.  Stay tuned.


south africa: Where I'm from.  These images are really very content specific and are probably only of limited interest to non-South Africans.


rochester:  Where I'm at.  Again, a very small selection of things that reference the local, Rochester, NY environment.



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