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man looking through optometrist's measuring tool

copyright notice

Please Note: the copyright to the images (and music ) on this website resides exclusively with the original artist or copyright owner.  I make no claims to exert creative ownership of the image or to own the copyright of any images (see following paragraph for exceptions), especially those in the galleries and exhibits illustrating works in my collection by named or identified artists/photographers.

That being said, I assume copyright ownership for the anonymous vernacular and snapshot photography and the images of such (including pop photographica and photographic objects) unless original copyright can be proved.

As for the music: I have provided links to purchase the music played on this site to encourage those who like the music to purchase the tracks.  Again, if you want a track removed, contact me and I will do so.

If the posting of any image here infringes on any copyright holder, please contact me and the image will be removed as per your request.


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