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Here are some of the best (to my mind) dealers and auction houses that have fed this collection.

Auction Houses:

Of course there are the big, blue chip houses (Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips), but mostly there offerings are beyond my price range.  That being said, I have--infrequently--bought material from them.  But other houses offer more moderately priced (and frequently more idiosyncratic) offerings.  Some of these other, smaller house, include:


Then there are smaller, independent auction sites who have extremely interesting materials:


and some regional, but significant auction houses in Europe:


Finally, don't ignore charity or benefit auctions.  One of my favorites is:



A good dealer is like a second set of eyes or a fabulous curator.  S/he may learn what turns you on visually and find you material that otherwise you would never encounter.  Dealers do the hard work (with their pickers) of finding material, and that's half, if not more of the battle.

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