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6th plate in papier-mache case with split spine (fair-good condition: some tarnish and "fogging" of plate; child is soft in focus because of subject movement; mother is sharp; strong chiaroscuro lighting; see scan for details).  Note pinned to case notes date as 1840, but I suspect this is later (perhaps ca. 1846).


***PLEASE NOTE on this item:

US CLIENTS: please select: Hard/Cased Images (Priority Flat Rate) shipping option from the drop down menu at checkout/in shopping cart to be charged appropriate mailing fee for this item (otherwise you may be billed separately)


INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS (including Canada) : please select: Intern’l (Hard/Cased) shipping option from the drop down menu at checkout/in shopping cart.  You will be invoiced separately for the shipping on this item.



SKU: fpS112-1
  • The condition indicated refers to the physical object being sold.  Defects that might relate to imperfections in the original image's production, including light leaks, flaws in the negative, printing errors and deficiencies, as well as fading of or color shift in the print, or other condition elements that can be readily seen in the scan are usually not reflected in the description of condition. 


    Additionally, all images/objects for sale are vintage/antique, thus appropriate age-related wear-and-tear must be accepted to some degree. 


    I should add that images generally look better in person than online; scans tend to accentuate imperfections.  I urge buyers to always carefully scrutinize the scans.  Much care has been taken to make the scans represent the actual image as accurately as possible.  If you have questions, please ask.

    Condition ratings are:

    excellent (mint or as close to that as possible); very good (minor or hardly noticeable imperfection/s); good (some visible, smaller imperfections; generally not impairing the image to any significant aesthetic degree); fair (some noticeable imperfections, problems, or distressing), poor (significant condition issues throughout and imperfections).

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